Challenging Conventional Thinking To Build Winning Strategies

BOS Consult was originally formed as a pure play consulting company, and this ethos runs through the firm today. We are a company of thinkers; assisting and challenging our clients to effectively compete in international markets – whether that is government seeking to win international investment or companies looking to expand.

Our strategic consulting support spans the key areas– from the markets/sectors/channels in which to compete, defining and positioning the client’s offer, and how to organise best to achieve maximum results. We also help clients with defining the necessary activities, financial planning and measuring progress on delivering their plans.

Our team is derived from some of the foremost consulting firms in the world, and we put this strategic know-how and experience to work in building practical and achievable strategies for our clients.

BOS Consult challenges our clients to think bigger and supports in building the plans to deliver.


Key Services